At Rdelephant, although we do not censor our users, we also respect each and everey members right to express themselves without being bullied and or harassed. In order to keep our social environment pleasurable to all its members, all members posting objectional or abusive content can be reported to Rdelephant Admin. Once reported to Rdelephant Administrators, a decision will be made as to what actions should be taken, if any, against the offensive user. Examples of objectionable content are photos or videos of a pornographic, nude nature, or photos and videos that display monstrous violence. Abusive members are users that harass (troll) other members for any reason, or use an abundance of expletive language when engaging on the public or a members homepage timeline. Additionally, and the preferable first option is, Rdeleophant users have the option to "Block" any member posting content that they feel is offensive, or a member that they would prefer not to engage with. If there are any questions about our "Report Members Policy" email