James Cheef
on February 24, 2020 1 view
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I think it's just a phony rumor started by Putin just to create Kaos here! Everything Trump has done goes against Russia. Putin knows what the Democrats and the MSM will trip on ! Im sure Putin is sitting back laughing watching our media trip all over themselves! Lok at the Tin Hat newscast O'Donne...View More
Hacking is a problem anywhere. Our county building was hit with ransomware and shut down police email servers for two whole weeks. Makes it pretty hard to send important information to outside law enforcement. Lucky it was just an email server. It concerns me greatly how easily this can happen at an...View More
Im not sure it can be stopped and thats the problem! The givernment knows this... How can you stop an infiltration you can't see until its too late? Nothing is iron clad... You can put up fire wall after firewall. And there is some 40 yr old sitting in their parents basement getting thru!