How they use to launder money...
Then you play Track 17 of Disc 4 backwards and wonder how this happened...
James Cheef
I understand why people are upset that the U.N. added China, Russia, and Cuba to the human rights coalition. What I don’t understand is how no one had an issue with Saudi Arabia being on the council f...View More
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Gotta love irony Cheef
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$50 million a day for this? Really?
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James Cheef
Louisville I consider as my 2nd home. Please don’t burn it down people!
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by on March 10, 2020
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by on February 5, 2020
Of all the faces seen attending last night's State of the Union Address, there was one member of the president's cabinet not in attendance and you probably didn't even notice. While members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, Supreme Court, Joint Chiefs of Staff and President Trump's cabinet members attended the event, the presidents designated survivor watched from a secure undisclosed location. Possible consequences of having the president, vice president, cabinet members, as w...
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by on January 31, 2020
In recent weeks  the state of Virginia has become the model for unconstitutional laws. A model with such boldness and rapid pace that other liberal states will surely follow as precedent. While it appears the federal government adheres to the wishes of legal firearm owners in America, Virginia's state government completely ignores the voices of its citizens. And while the media distracts the population with President Trump's impeachment, as if legislators have stopped legislating, and as if any ...
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by on December 30, 2019
Do it look for yourself search (UN) + (WCIT) + (ITU) + (ICANN) + (DNS) + (CHINA) + (RUSSIA) + (criminal purposes)  I found news and wiki leaks drops of US and UN Doc's go back 12 years.  12/28/2019 of  Paul J. Wattson  Summit News12/28/2019
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by on December 27, 2019
Millions of Americans including men with health insurance through an Affordable Care Act state exchange, are in for a surprise next year in the form of 2 separate bills from their insurers. The Department of Health and Human Services finalized a new rule in December that requires insurers to provide a separate invoice detailing how much of their premium goes toward abortions. Beginning in June, customers will receive one bill for their typical coverage and another for abortion services. The H...
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by on December 26, 2019
Almost every American is aware of the trade dispute between America and China. President Trump has levied tariffs on Chinese imports in an effort to bring China to the bargaining table to negotiate a new trade deal. Intellectual property theft has been a major issue that lead to the U.S. House of Representatives barring the U.S. government from buying gear from China's Huawei, the leader in telecom supplies and the number 1 phone manufacturer. What is not discussed by the media or the Trump admi...
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by on December 17, 2019
How does Prison-Based Gerrymandering help legislators and hurt communities inmates are from and will probably return to? You might ask why does it matter how persons who can't vote are counted by the Census Bureau? You may wonder how the prison population effects local and state politics? Another good question is, how do inmates in local and county jails that have not been charged and/or convicted play a role in prison-based gerrymandering? These are the questions I had when learning about priso...
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by on August 12, 2019
90% of black Americans experience the following scenario every election cycle: Just as the 2018 election cycle ramped up, I was replacing the sprinkler system in my front yard at my Salt Lake City area home when I noticed a large number of volunteers decked out for a certain GOP candidate T-shirts and all canvassing the neighborhood door to door, engaging residents and garnering support for the candidate. When my house was next in line, I stepped out of my trench and looked up at the group , ...
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by on May 29, 2019
The left isn’t going to like this one. A recent study on racism in America has revealed some truths that directly contradict one of the progressives’ most beloved narratives. The Democratic Party and its allies in the press have expended no small amount of effort over the past few decades to convince the American public that everyone who isn’t a rabid lefty is a hateful racist. Of course, President Trump has become the left’s favorite target for race-baiting antics; many claim that the presid...
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by on May 9, 2019
Originally posted on The United States Constitution is surprisingly tough to amend.  As spelled out in Article V, the Constitution can be amended in one of two primary ways. First, amendment can take place by way of a vote of two-thirds of both the House of Representatives and the Senate accompanied by means of a ratification of three-fourths of a number of state legislatures or conventions in three-fourths of the states (ratification via thirty-eight states would be requi...
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by on May 8, 2019
One recent study has revealed a truth that should cause the Republican Party to take notice if it wishes to continue winning elections. The Harvard Institutes latest youth poll reveals the GOP has lost a startling amount of support among voters aged 18 to 29 since the year 2000; if these findings are any indication, the party will need to take drastic steps to widen its base if it is going to remain relevant. With the increasing indoctrination of college students and the progressive hold over...
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by on May 8, 2019
Originally written at ( 6 August 2018) From when the first 19 or so Africans to reach the English colonies arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, brought by Dutch traders, to the three-fifth clause  (Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution), through the abolition of slavery via the Emancipation Proclamation,  the subversion the Civil Rights Act of 1866 by Democrats, survived the lily-white movement that pushed all black Americans out of the Republican party to only...
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