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Look at the damage we’ve done across the Middle East and the trillions of dollars it has costed since invading Iraq. With the money spent to ruin Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria I bet we could have rebu...View More
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Just as Putin did in Syria he has taken the lead in Ukraine. The meeting with Putin, Zelensky, Merkel, and Macron shows they’re taking matters into their own hands as it’s their region. They’re showin...View More
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We’re seriously overemphasizing our importance to Russia. Russia isn’t even worried about nor needs anything from us. They just completed a pipeline that leads to China. Met with Zelensky, Merkel, and...View More
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James Cheef
There’s a popular narrative that says Crooked Hillary will run in 2020. I just don’t see it. After losing twice to Obama and once to Trump I don’t see her risking her legacy and the embarrassment of b...View More
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She is such an ego maniac that it wouldnt surprise me at all that she looks for a sneaky way to get in at the convention.
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I can see that if Joe starts plunging in the polls. Then she could play the roll of trying to save the Commiecrat party.
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Roderick Threats
by on May 8, 2019

Originally written at ( 6 August 2018)

From when the first 19 or so Africans to reach the English colonies arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, brought by Dutch traders, to the three-fifth clause  (Article I, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution), through the abolition of slavery via the Emancipation Proclamation,  the subversion the Civil Rights Act of 1866 by Democrats, survived the lily-white movement that pushed all black Americans out of the Republican party to only be somewhat redeemed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, now people celebrate this freedom and celebrate the Democrats, but the question remains, are black Americans really free?

After the Africans were freed, they were given a choice to repatriate back to Africa and other countries in the world via the American Colonization Society founded in 1817 by Reverend Robert Finley. The goal was the charitable and restorative ideal of un-kidnapping people from their homeland in Africa by offering to use private funds to transport them back voluntarily, for any who so wished.

Monrovia, Liberia, was founded in 1824 by former black American slaves, and by the 1850s, Lincoln and like-minded politicians were supportive of that approach. But by 1853, the anti-slavery movement shifted toward stopping the spread of slavery to newly admitted states in the Great Plains and the West.

Here is where its starts becoming chaotic, the Democrat party was officially chartered by Andrew Jackson in the early 1800s. Their beliefs you ask? Manifest destiny, Populism, Spoils system, White Nationalism and Liberalism.. Keep this in mind as you read on. 

We have the American Civil War upon us starting in 1861 over states’ rights, but we know they fought for the right to keep Africans as slaves long after the thirteenth amendment and  Emancipation Proclamation had liberated the African. Soon after the south’s loss in the civil war in 1865, the Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1866, shortly after the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, coincidence you say? I reckon not. 

The KKK was the white supremacy resistance to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for black Americans. The KKK waged an underground campaign of intimidation and violence directed at white and black Republican leaders. Their ultimate goal: the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories. Now we arrive in 1870 , the southern democrats having ties to the KKK have won seats in their respective state legislatures and passed racial segregation laws known as Jim Crow laws.

These which existed for about 100 years, from the post-Civil War era until 1968—were meant to return Southern states to an antebellum class structure by marginalizing black Americans. Black communities and individuals that attempted to defy Jim Crow laws often met with violence and death.

During Woodrow Wilson’s 1912 presidential campaign, he promised black Americans advancement. He stated, “Should I become President of the United States, [Negroes] may count upon me for absolute fair dealing and for everything by which I could assist in advancing the interests of their race in the United States.”  Believing in his promise, many African Americans broke their affiliation with the Republican Party and voted for Wilson. He did not, however, fulfill the promises he made during the campaign to the African American community during his presidency. Less than a month after his March 4, 1913 inauguration, President Wilson’s Administration took the first steps towards segregating the federal service.(cited)  This where the lily-white movement really took hold.

During civil rights movement of the 1960s ,a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of black schools and churches and violence against black and white activists in the South commenced. Once the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed by LBJ, which we found out was a member of the KKK, the Klan was finally defeated and sent back to their rabbit holes.

Now that the KKK was defeated yet again and had to go underground, The democrats have returned to their tactics again,  the reestablishment of white supremacy–fulfilled through Democratic victories.  Now they have gotten smarter, they infiltrated the black and minority schools indoctrinating these liberal beliefs, remember the Jacksonian Democrats and their platform? Well this is the full out propaganda push of their agenda by telling black Americans that conservatives are racists and evil and the Republican Party was not the party they once revered and have completely inverted everything by saying the parties flipped platforms, but we know the real truth behind that.

Just as soon as democrats get control of government, the VIOLENT CRIME CONTROL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT ACT OF 1994 and the Three Strikes Law was passed and it offered incentives to states to build more prisons if they toughened sentences, and it added some mandatory minimum sentences to those that already existed. This law as a critical turning point as the country rushed to put more low-level offenders in prison, ravaging low-income communities which we know at this point in time was black Americans, during a time that Hillary Clinton said black Americans were super-predators. 

So lets take this deeper, in prison you no longer have many rights under the constitution, you are not known by a name anymore, just a number ,they can work you for wages less that the federal minimum wage, is this not state-sponsored slavery?

Here is the bottom line, the left has downplayed black Americans since the beginning calling them feeble-minded, down trodden , the infamous N-word etc, at the same time telling them they have been oppressed by the right and they will stick up for them to get justice

While all along keeping them in a mental slavery to them, the 13th Amendment took the shackles off the ankles and wrist of the enslaved Africans but they never took them off of their brains. A free thinking black American is the H-bomb to the left’s narrative.

Malcolm X warned about the white liberal, they will be around to be the mouthpiece for black Americans that will follow, but when black Americans need something, where is the white liberal?? (CRICKETS)

Go back to picking cotton like your Fox friends suggest!— Big V (@friend11_v) June 28, 2018

Then you start seeing tweets like this towards black conservatives

These liberals have indoctrinated at a lot of black Americans so much, black Americans have started using the white racist rhetoric and trigger words like coon, nigger, ape, monkey, feeble-minded, Uncle Tom, “stay in your place boy” etc. 

They are doing the white racist job via proxy and they do not realize it. The mental slavery is real. It will take generations to break this trend. To make matters more complex, white liberals are hating among themselves to distract from the real narrative which in fact is they have many black Americans doing their racist deeds for them while they hide behind it, is that not slavery? Prime example, look at the black Americans in democrat-ran cities and compare it to the republican-ran cities. This is the New Jim Crow , DemCrow.

The question remains, are black Americans really free?

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