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Welcome to Red Elephant Herd. Red Elephant is the social media home for Conservatives that don't want their freedom of speech violated the way that it is with other social media platforms. At Red Elephant, even if you're not a Conservative you can be assured that your voice will not be shadow banned because of your political opinions. All that we ask is that our users respect each other. We will not tolerate online bullying. Everyone has a right to express their opinions without being demeaned for their points of view. At Red Elephant we respect that right fully! Red Elephant was founded by Veterans and as such, we are proud sponsors of the Wounded Warrior Project. That means that part of your subscription fee goes directly to the Wounded Warriors Project to help our wounded Veterans. We at Red Elephant believe that the ultimate patriotism is to fight for freedom of speech while also supporting our wounded Veterans that have sacrificed so much to give us the freedoms that we all enjoy regardless of political affiliation. Feel free to sign up as a guest Herdster and cruise around the site free for 30 days. Or jump right in by subscribing to our Gold or Silver package. One thing you'll notice is that Red Elephant has a layout and features that the other social media sites don't have. You'll notice that podcasts are available directly on the site instead of podcasters only being able to leave a link that directs users away from the community to listen to a podcast. At Red Elephant you can listen to featured podcasts while engaging with the Herd community on the timeline. Bloggers will be happy that they too can attach their blogs directly to the site instead of posting links. From you Herdster homepage you can dialogue with your friends that have commented on your posts while also being able to view the Herd timeline. Registered users can also join or create their own groups and polls. Speaking of polls, unlike other social media platforms, you wont have to scroll through a timeline to find a poll that you created or voted. You can find the most current polls on the "Polls" page. This way you, with ease, you can always check the stats of a poll you've created or voted on. Red Elephant is the new social media platform packed with features that you will no doubt want to contribute to with your own content. Join the Herd and let your voice be heard.